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Starr's Mill - Panther Debate Team
Secret LD Evidence
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Here are the arguments that I have cut so far. Some of them I have cut myself - some of them I have stolen :)

I have divided the cards into sections to help out:

Topic Overview

Aff Ideas

  • Sample Affirmative Case   
  • Rehab Is Effective  
  • Rehabilitation Works In Drug Related Crimes  
  • Punishment Increases Crime     
  • Juvenile Violent Crime Is On The Rise  
  • Current System Is Punishment Oriented
  • Youth Are Not Responsible For Criminal Actions Due To Immaturity
  • Juveniles Deserve Rehab 
  • Incarceration Of Juveniles Is Detrimental    
  • Restorative Justice Breaks The Cycle Of Violence    
  • Answers To: Victimology- Restorative Justice Empowers Victims         
  • Answer To: Restorative Justice Is Coercive    
  • Miscellaneous  

Neg Ideas

  • Sample Neg Case
  • Punishment Deters Crime      
  • Rehabilitation Alone Does Not Provide Enough Deterence    
  • Retribution Is Morally Justified 
  • Punishments Protect Society From Evildoers 
  • Just Punishments Are Morally Justified 
  • Rehabilitation Without Punishment Damages The Social Order 
  • The Community Supports Punishment Over Rehabilitation      
  • Punishment Endorses The Moral Order
  • Both Utilitarians And Deontologists Support Punishment       
  • Only Punishment Respects The Victim Of Crime         
  • Punishment Is Good For The Criminal  
  • Punishment Acts As A Societal Statement Against Crime      
  • The Death Penalty Is Morally Justified  
  • The Death Penalty Prevents Murder     

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