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Starr's Mill - Panther Debate Team
Lincoln Douglas Debate
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The Lincoln-Douglas Debate Resource Page

The Lincoln Douglas Resource Page will guide novice and experienced debaters through the fast paced world of LD Debate. Look below to find links on Philosophy, Values, Criteria, and Topic Help.
Please email me with comments about these links or suggestions for new links.
Philosophy Resources - Links to philosophical texts, encycopedias, and online dictonaries.

Topic Help - Each topic should have an endless supply of helpful background information and links to tons of articles that can easily be used in a LD Case.

Lincoln Douglas Theory - Want to know what has been done, is being done, or will be done in LD? Check out the link below to read up on Lincoln-Douglas Theory

Lincoln Douglas Sites - The vast majority of the personal LD sites stink. They are rarely useful and rarely updated - but then again - that's why I started this site.

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