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Starr's Mill - Panther Debate Team

November - December 2004 Topic

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LD Topic 5: The United States Has a Moral Obligation to Promote Democratic Ideals in Other Nations

Areas for Concideration Provided by the Wording Committee:
  • Cultural Imperialism
  • Cultural Identity
  • Human Rights
  • Rule of Law
  • Hegemony
  • Nation Building

Democracy - Good

Democracy  - Bad

International Relations - Bad

Global Examples - Israel / Palestine

  • Union of American Hebrew Congregations - Arthur Hertzberg, The Quest for Untidy Accommodations: Peaceful coexistence between Jews and Palestinians is possible, but...., Copyright 2000.
  • Counterpunch - Edward Said, The Latest Peace Plan: A Roadmap to What and Where? June 14, 2003.

Global Examples - Iraq

  • The Choices Program - Iraq After War: The Challenge of Securing the Peace: Policy Options, Brown University. 2003.  

Cultural Imperialism

  • The Modern Religion - Saraji Al Muslima, An Agenda of Disdain: Cultural Imperialism and the Western Media View of Afghanistan.
  • Wikipedia - Cultural imperialism (Good Links and Background Info.)
  • Wikipedia - Ethnocentrism (Good Links and Background Info.)
  • Foreign Policy - David Rothkopf, "In Praise of Cultural Imperialism? Number 107, Summer 1997, pp. 38-53.
  • Transnational Broadcasting Studies - Livingston A. White, Florida State University Reconsidering cultural imperialism theory, No. 6, Spring/Summer 2001.
  • The Freeman - Robert K. Rauth, Jr, The Myth of Cultural Imperialism, November 1988, Vol. 38, No. 11.


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