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Starr's Mill - Panther Debate Team
2004 LD Topic #1
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Topic 1: A Just Government Ought to Value the Redistribution of Wealth Over Property Rights

Related Theories:







        Distributive Justice



Conflict Scenarios:

1.      Social Spending (Welfare, Social Security, Medicare, ect)

2.      Intellectual Property Rights (Drug Discoveries)

3.      Governmental Seizure / Redistribution

  • Asset Forfeiture for alleged crimes
  • Zoning Regulations
  • Environmental / Wetlands Regulations
  • "Historic" property confiscations
  • Eminent Domain takings ("Urban Renewals", etc.)
  • Conversion of land to National Parks and National Forests
  • Anti-Trust Regulation

4.      Taxation (Property taxes, Estate Tax, ect)

5.      Constitutionality (5th Amendment, 16th Amendment, Article 1- Section 8)

6.      Supreme Court Rulings (Munn v. Illinois)

7.      International Privatization (Zimbabwe, China, Eastern Europe)

8.      Rich Poor Gap (Equality of Opportunity)


Good Links:


Redistribution of Wealth - Good

Redistribution of Wealth - Bad

Property Rights - Good

Property Rights - Bad

Background Knowledge - Topic

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